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20 Totally Tubular Facts About Computers

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

You are probably reading this on a computer. I’ve certainly written this using a computer. In your pocket, there’s a computer. The bus, tram or train you used to get to work this morning uses a computer, and so does a car, if you’re so inclined. Your TV, that has a computer, and most of your financial wealth is held in bits and bytes on a computer, in fact several server networks worldwide.

Safe to say, the computer has never been humble, never will be and won’t stop until it’s taken over the world. Or is that just how it seems?

We’re many aeons from Skynet ruling the roost, so without further ado, let’s have some fun looking at the top 20 totally tubular facts about computers.



  1. The password for the computer controls of US owned nuclear missile systems was ‘00000000’ for 8 years during the 60s until they were changed. 

  2. Only 10% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest is stored as data.


  3. The first electronic computer ENIAC weighed over 27 tons and had a footprint of more than 1800 square feet.

  4. ‘TYPEWRITER’ is the longest word you can write using the letters of only a single row of keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard. 
  5. 50% of all Wikipedia vandalism is caught by a single bot with a 90% accuracy record. 
  6. Doug Engelbart invented the first computer mouse in 1964 and premiered it in 1968, it was made of wood and a single button. 
  7. Over 5000 computer viruses are released every single month. 
  8. Hewlett & Packard and Microsoft were both started in the founders’ garages. Some say Apple was, too, but that’s a myth. We asked. 
  9. 70% of virus writers work for organised crime syndicates. 
  10. If there was a computer as powerful as one human brain, it would be able to complete 38 thousand trillion operations per second and would hold more than 3580 terabytes of memory. 
  11. You’ll blink 20 times per minute on average. Stare at a computer screen and that number plummets to 7 times every minute. 
  12. Bill Gates’ bespoke home was designed by the architect using an Apple Mac. 
  13. 80% of emails sent worldwide are spam. 
  14. The group of 12 engineers who designed the first IBM PC were known as ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and no one knows why. 
  15. The original and highly catchy name of Microsoft was Interface Manager. 
  16. Ever noticed that tick box you have to click before submitting sensitive information like usernames and passwords? That’s called CAPTCHA and it stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. 
  17. was the first registered domain name ever. 
  18. The first ever computer bug was a moth that was recorded as being stuck inside a Havard Mark II computer in 1947. 
  19. 80% are all pictures on the internet are of nudes. 
  20. 10 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
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