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Tips for keeping fit and healthy in a computer-facing job

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

Winter means it’s usually dark when you get to work and dark when you leave, which means finding time to maintain our wellbeing can slip down the priority list. Here are our best tips for staying active and taking care of your health if you spend a lot of time in front of your screen.

Have an active commute

One of the easiest ways if you work away from home is to improve your commute. Do you really need to drive in or take the bus each day? Perhaps you could cycle or walk instead.

Healthy adults should get about 150 minutes of exercise per week, and if your commute takes half an hour, you’ll achieve this easily if you walk or cycle in just 3 days a week. Not to mention you’ll save on the bus fare or petrol costs!

Fix your desk

In order to prevent the onset of musculoskeletal disorders from prolonged poor posture, try raising your computer monitor so it’s 15 – 20 degrees below eye  level (measured from the centre of your screen). If raising your desk isn’t an option, lowering your chair achieves the same effect!


It can be tempting to work through your lunch break, or even feel pressured by managers to do so. However lunch breaks should be considered exactly that – a complete break from your work. This allows you to refresh your mind, and continue being productive into the rest of the afternoon – it’s a great time to socialise with colleagues, sit and enjoy a meal or get outside for a bit. It’s important to note that sunshine also encourages Vitamin D and serotonin production – a hormone that plays an important part in the regulation of mood.

Eating at your desk

On a related note, if you’re in front of a computer a lot, it can be tempting to have snacks on hand! Try getting into more of a routine, with a good breakfast, lunch at a regular time and a home-cooked dinner when you get back. If snacking at your desk is a must, try converting your snacks to healthier alternatives – grapes, dates, nuts, seeds and granola mixes are examples of delicious (and non-messy!) alternatives.

Adopt a new activity or hobby

Not all of us are suited to sports, and if you’re one of those people that cannot stand the gym – why not try something new such as yoga, dance or pilates? Many towns and cities offer affordable beginner classes outside of working hours and as well as keeping fit and exercising different muscle groups, they’re a great way of making new friends.

Don’t forget your mental wellbeing!

Working with computers can increase our efficiency and help us get more work done in less time. However, this does mean you spend less face-to-face time with colleagues, family and friends. If you feel you spend too much time on the computer, limiting use of electronic devices outside of working hours can help. Why not pick up a book, invite a friend to watch a film, or try a new restaurant instead?

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