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You won’t believe which internet browser is obsolete

Posted on by Indos Computer Services


Actually you will because it’s Firefox, but I bet you were thinking of another internet browser weren’t you?

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Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is not getting the boot just yet. It’s being downgraded to a ‘legacy browser’ – as though the world needs that level of nostalgia for an internet browser which has been subject to many internet memes over the years.

What happened to Firefox?

Back in 2010, Mozilla Firefox accounted for over a quarter of global browser share. If you were a MySpace kid, or googled What’s a Lady Gaga?, chances are you did it using Firefox.

Fast forward eight years and you’d be surprised to find Firefox claims under a tenth of global browser share. If the downward trend continues, by January 2019 it will be under 8%.

Downward trend for almost all browsers

Microsoft’s twin browsers, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge accounted for 16.1% of visitor sessions in May 2018. Sadly for team Windows, this erased two consecutive months of improving numbers for IE and Edge. Similarly, the once popular Opera is down to a measly 1.5% share.

The only other heavy hitter in the game, Apple’s Safari, took a loss. It finished May 2018 with 3.7% which is the lowest number for nearly a year. This accompanies the astonishing fact that only 41% of Mac users are utilising the company’s own default browser.

Which internet browser is the most popular?

The future is all about Chrome. In May alone it gained 1.2 percentage points which is a significant increase in the world of browser share. It’s also the largest one month increase since January 2017. This pushed Chrome to an overall 62.8% which equates to two of every three desktops and laptop computers worldwide.

In 2010, Internet Explorer had a similar share at 63.2%, which has never been bettered as an average percentage (it increases at the weekend by 3% typically). If this trend continues for another 6 months, Chrome will surpass the record to level out at 64%, with the browser hitting 65% by News Years Day 2019.


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