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Why Your Business Needs to Upgrade to Windows 10 (if it hasn’t already)

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

There will be plenty of users looking at Windows 10 with a cautious, suspicious eye. After a multitude of issues in the past with Windows 8 and Vista, it’s fair to be wary when it comes to upgrading to another Windows OS branded as the best one yet. But this time around the marketing might actually be correct, with Windows 10 offering plenty of reasons why businesses all around the world should make the jump to the newest offering.

One upgrade path

The most immediate draw of Windows 10 is the way Microsoft has changed their upgrade paths for future operating systems. Windows 10 is, for all intents and purposes, the last ‘brand new’ OS they plan to release. Instead of introducing a complete overhaul with every upgrade, Windows 10 will act as a base for a more iterative process in the future, much like how Windows 8 moved to 8.1 – the OS remained largely the same, save for some key introductions and improvements. Implementing Windows 10 into your business means planning ahead. It’s always a struggle to migrate over to new operating systems, especially if it’s every year or so, but with this new upgrade path future changes won’t be as jarring as they were before. This means that less time is spent on training employees to get to grips with the new OS while they slowly forget the old one. Granted, for users still on Windows 7 or those used to Apple’s OS X, Windows 10 might be harder to adjust to in the beginning. But in the long run, getting employees familiar with Windows 10 now will ease frustration in the future.

Best for business

Microsoft is really pushing for widespread business adoption, with many new features targeting all levels of your organisation. Windows 10 Enterprise specifically targets IT staff, with a multitude of additions to make managing, implementing and securing the software across your entire organisation much more streamlined and effective. This is especially important for larger businesses, having dedicated systems built in the software means easier, faster functionality for large amounts of clients and employees. Windows Update for Business provides more control for IT administrators over the deployment of the software within the organisation, allowing all devices to be kept up to date and secure. It is also possible to specify which devices are updated and when, meaning staggered waves of updates to test new software and frameworks before being fully integrated throughout the business.

Meanwhile, the Windows Store for Business provides total control to IT admins when it comes to app purchases and management. This includes the bulk purchasing of Windows apps and the ability to regulate and distinguish access to certain apps for different employees. You can also create and curate a private store for your business, which can be accessed by any Windows 10 device. These implementations are a huge improvement over Windows 8, and demonstrate Microsoft’s ability to recognise and cater to specific business markets. All the tools are their for you to use as you see fit, so the day-to-day running of Windows 10 should end up being a very streamlined process indeed.

Improved security

Having a reliable, substantial security system in place for the software in your business is vital. Windows 10 cuts down on the reliance of additional passwords for cloud services, with Active Directory access via the Azure cloud, so you can switch between desktop accounts and still access the Windows Store and Office 365.

Everything about Windows 10 for business has been streamlined so the adoption of the OS can be as smooth a process as possible. Microsoft has made smart improvements for business clients, giving IT pros plenty of tools to work with to build a sturdy, easy to manage infrastructure, while the addition of the start menu – a feature WIndows 7 users will be thrilled to see return – and the quick search functionalities built in to the OS from the get go, means the experience for the end user should be vastly improved even from Windows 7. The snappy, speedy OS should be a comfortable one to use once the initial teething problems of adjustment have been ironed out and will provide a base for all future OS upgrades for the foreseeable future.

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