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How the Internet Has Influenced the Modern Business

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

A modern business would find it hard – maybe impossible – to operate without the internet, and all the modern technology that has come with it over the last few decades or so.

As experienced computer services specialists, we are incredibly familiar with the impact of the internet and the evolution of technology throughout the business world, so this month we’re taking a closer look at exactly that, and how the internet has created a different way of doing business, and how offices are so different now to what they were not too long ago.



One of the biggest and most influential changes that the rise of the internet has allowed is an incredibly improved, more efficient and almost unbelievably quicker communication network. Gone are the days of snail mail or fax, now there are a huge range of services all catering to instant communication between people and businesses across the world, all at a click of the mouse. From video calls for meetings with distant clients, to the now taken-for-granted email system (and the plethora of instant messaging services available), it has never been easier to get in touch with just about anyone at any time.

This has had a dramatic impact on the way in which businesses operate, improving efficiency by a large factor and making operation much more streamlined, allowing the free discussion of ideas to take place in real time – leading to greater innovation and far healthier business relationships within and between companies.

An efficient, easier way of working

As we said above, the internet has helped improve general efficiency of businesses and this isn’t only limited to the way we communicate. A plethora of services are now available to us, accessible through so many means, that everything from document sharing to accounting can be carried out with minimal effort.

The recent growth of cloud services have made it easy to create, share, edit and collaborate on all kinds of documents with anybody you wish, while dedicated and purpose built software can help you manage and control important aspects of your business over the internet. For example, the Sage Accounting Software allows you to share data and information across multiple devices, so you can manage and control your business accounts with absolute ease, and at any time.

This kind of convenience has been critical to the growth and development of many kinds of businesses, and has allowed day-to-day operation in the office to be much more streamlined than it ever has been.


Safety and security

With the advent of cloud services, businesses are able to produce and store vast amounts of information without taking up any physical space, and while we don’t have to worry as much about losing physical documents or files, security is still very important. Things like cloud services are key to a safe and secure business, with backup documents existing online so hardware failure is much less of a problem than it used to be.

Businesses have plenty of choices for dedicated online security too. Indeed, as the internet and all its services have developed, so has the focus on online control and internet security. Businesses can implement a comprehensive security system throughout the company, limiting and controlling access to certain files or software to individuals and groups, all with incredible ease. Without development in this area, the online nature of businesses would be much more unpredictable, unreliable and harder to maintain, but this has not been the case. Instead, the need for efficient security on the network side greatly complements the operation of most businesses, allowing companies to work quickly and confidently, despite having a larger volume of information flowing through the business.


Without the internet, a huge amount of businesses would simply be unable to operate. Some would never have existed in the first place. With technology comes innovation – just look at the amount of start-ups who operate solely through mobile apps – and innovation is constant, especially in the modern business world. The internet has created, and continues to create, vast amounts of opportunity for enterprising entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as offering room for great expansion for already established companies. It can be a competitive and confusing landscape in places, but as the technology grows, so does the accessibility of support.

Here at Indos Computer Services, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive IT support to small and medium sized businesses throughout the St Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead regions. We help you grow your business by providing clear IT advice, allowing you to find the perfect IT infrastructure for your business, and helping you to maintain and develop it as you go.

Indos Computer Services provide jargon-free advice to our clients, from choosing the right online service, to setting up a robust computer network throughout your business and providing software and hardware maintenance as well as IT training services. We can help you establish a strong IT foundation for your company, so dont hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to find out more.

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