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Unlock the Productivity of Your Workforce With Dual Monitors

Posted on by Indos Computer Services


Tidy work desks make for a tidy mind and productive employees. Not only that, your organisation will look and feel far more professional to clients. One way that is proven to free up a lot of physical and digital space is to furnish desks with an additional monitor. You’ll also notice that many tasks become much easier thanks to the additional screen real estate.

Dual monitors make tasks a breeze

With a single screen, office work becomes full of compromises. You may need to surf between various tabs to find information and then input this into a piece of software, which is labour intensive on one screen.

Introduce a second screen, however, and suddenly you can have source information on one screen while inputting data on another. Many other tasks become much easier, too, like transcribing from videos, copying text, coding, graphic design, photo manipulation and more.

Beyond the single screen

A dual monitor allows workers to keep on top of tasks that are temporarily on the back burner. They can also handle current work while collaborating over a team chat window, or even help a customer on a live chat help window.

Setup in weird and wonderful ways

The stands are the limit when it comes to setting up multiple screens. Stock market computers, for example, often use several screens, some in landscape and others in portrait orientation. This makes representing different types of data far easier.

You may find that this works equally well for graphic design, where portrait orientations are commonplace. It’s just as good for copywriters and web designers who create long-form landing pages, as you can see more of the customer journey represented on the screen at one time.

Boosting productivity

A survey by Jon Peddie found that by adding an extra monitor, workers would experience a productivity boost of between 20-30 percent. Many business analysts believe a boost by 10 percent is enough to warrant investment, so Peddie’s findings really are worth noting by MDs whose office lack that crucial second screen setup.

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