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Why Your Business Needs a Backup Service

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

It’s almost inevitable that one day, your business will suffer some kind of data error, where the information you have stored will either be corrupted or lost beyond retrieval. If you don’t plan ahead for this, then that could be the end of your entire operation. A business without a backup system is living on borrowed time, so if you haven’t yet put a backup plan in place, perhaps this article will help persuade you to establish one. It might just save your business.

What is a backup service?

A backup service is a way for you to create copies of all important data, documents and information critical to the operation of your business. A backup service allows you to restore any information you might have lost, so your company isn’t sabotaged by accidentally deleted folders or the presence of a virus.

Hardware failure

We might rely on our hardware to carry us through the working days, but whatever machines we use aren’t going to be infallible and 100% reliable. They will break. A widespread electrical failure or hardware crash could cause the workflow of your business to come to a grinding halt. An interruption like this, especially a prolonged one, could be costly, and if your customers are relying on a constantly accessible service, then having a stable, reliable backup service will help maintain this.

Human error

Like machines, humans aren’t perfect either. You might not be able to completely remove the human element, but you can plan for it. If an employee accidentally misplaces or deletes a file – or manages to break the way something is supposed to work – a backup service can restore whatever you have lost to an error-free state. This helps prevent lengthy, laborious stretches where all you’re doing is re-doing work previously completed. Backup services help maintain an efficient, constant operation by minimising the impact of stoppages and delays. If your company employs many people, then the chance of human error increases, and so does your need for a reliable backup service.

Keep things running

The reliance on digital systems is firmly established for every business, so anything that could adversely affect the integrity of those systems could be critically damaging. Data theft and viruses target the most important functions of your business to damage not only its efficiency, but also its reputation. A backup service will allow you to retain stolen data and make any amends to beef up security to prevent future infiltration, and will save data corrupted by specifically targeted viruses. You’re not only holding onto internal data, the details of your clients are in your hands too. Having a backup service in place, ready to resolve any problems with missing data – client payments, for example – will not only keep your business running smoothly, but also protect its reputation with its customers. The ability to resolve problems quickly, with minimal interference to you and your clients, will enforce a respectable reputation, and without a backup service that simply cannot happen.

File transfer pictogram

When disaster strikes

Sometimes things happen beyond our control. You can account for human error and the odd machine failure, but the occurrence of a natural disaster is something that can disrupt and upheave things far beyond anything we could have planned for. If a major disaster does strike, you can at least ensure the future resumption of day to day operation by having a backup and disaster recovery service in place. Having all critical internal data available, safe to access even after extreme loss and damages means a natural disaster doesn’t have to cost you everything. It will be near impossible for a business to rebuild and resume its practices without a backup service. You simply cannot afford to have week or month long delays even when struck by the unpredictable. A flood might damage your offices and everything in them, but an offsite backup service will mean the digital life of your business isn’t lost. You will be able to pick up where you left off, and the ability to bounce back and recover is vital to any business’s success.

A backup service helps maintain the efficient, uninterrupted running of your business. Planning ahead for potential loss of data, preferences, documents and services is an important step to take, and needs to be addressed now if it hasn’t been already.

Indos Computer Services provide backup services to small and medium sized business in the St Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead regions. With 24 years of experience, our friendly team work closely with your business to ensure that the right backup service is in place. To discuss the perfect backup service solutions for your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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