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The best internal communication tools for small businesses

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

Business owners, directors and executives all want to maximise their employees’ productivity. That is a given. What is often forgotten is that employees want to be as efficient as possible, too. Using the latest internal communications tools could revolutionise the way you work and be the perfect remedy to stagnating business practices. The smart, cross-platform apps in this list facilitate easy communication and will keep morale high by providing a multimedia space to share messages, memos and memes, all while keeping your business colleagues on track with the job at hand.

Here are the top internal communications tools for your business in 2017.

Social Technology and Internet Black & White Icon Set

Social Technology and Internet Black & White Icon Set


It’s quite simply the king of internal communications apps. Gone are the days of copying every member of the team into emails and office-wide memos. Slack is like the messaging services of old but revamped, cleaner, with less gimmicks and more relevant features for businesses. Did you know, for instance, that Slack can connect all the apps used by your business to create a central control dashboard, so you don’t need to continuously switch apps? You do now.

Google Hangouts

Of course, Google has thrown its two cents into the mix, and what a pretty penny it has turned out to be. Hangouts lets you connect with ten people from anywhere in the world, regardless of the device they are using, whether it’s desktop, iOS or Android handhelds. Remote group collaboration is made super easy with multimedia messaging, voice and video calls, and the live screening of meetings and events. You will never lose any crucial data either, as Hangouts stores your calls and conversations in the cloud.


This app has some unique features that earns it a place on this list: messaging, conferencing, voice and video calls – check. What makes OfficeSuite unique is its digital faxing and mobile twinning facility. You can, for a small fee, twin your mobile phone number and your desk telephone number, so that if one device is called both phones will ring. This is particularly advantageous for small businesses and hot-deskers, who do not have the staff to man the phones at all times. In the event of bad signal, virtual cloud-based voicemail has your back. As you can see, OfficeSuite does the same job as many of the grey boxes of yesteryear.

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