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How to Get an Entry Level IT Technical Support Job

Posted on by Indos Computer Services

Getting a technical IT support job can be difficult, with the candidate needing to demonstrate high levels of computer competency as well as good customer care skills and the ability to remain calm when under pressure.

Indos Computer Services have been hiring hardworking and diligent team members for over 24 years, and in that time have garnered a lot of insight into how the process works, the best way to apply for entry level jobs, and what makes a candidate successful. To help you in your job search, we’ve put together some of our top tips.

Be aware of the hours

When applying for an IT support role, you need to be aware of the hours you will be working. You may be lucky enough to simply work 9-5, but the likelihood is that you will be required to work in shifts and be on call.

Here at Indos Computer Services, we offer 24-hour technical support to our clients, so we need our team to be able to work all varieties of shifts.


Be able to travel

Working in IT support means you will be required to visit clients on site to help with their technical problem, so you must be able to travel.

Indos Computer Services offer call outs and on-site assistance to all of our customers, so our staff are all able to travel to any of our covered locations.

Be thick skinned

The clients that you will be liaising with normally only require your services when something is wrong with their systems, and this usually results in downtime for their businesses. They can be very stressed, and can take it out on you. You will need to be very thick skinned and able to remain calm and pleasant at all times.

Indos Computer Services pride ourselves on our impeccable customer care, so the right personality is a very important consideration we take into account when hiring.

Get the certificates

IT can be a competitive industry, and having a good amount of training under your belt will certainly help you be more employable. A degree in computer science would be hugely beneficial, but if you can’t manage that, gaining some college certificates or something similar will be necessary to make you eligible for the role.

Here at Indos Computer Services, we only hire highly trained and certified IT technicians to ensure we offer the highest performance levels we can to all of our clientele.

Keep up to date with training

Don’t assume that your courses are enough to make you an expert in all things IT related. The industry is constantly changing and adapting, and you will need to keep up to date on all aspects of the field to ensure you can fix any new technology. Continue to learn and train after your courses are completed to keep on top of the industry.

We require all of our technicians to have an in-depth knowledge of all technological advances in the industry so that we can pass our knowledge on to our clients.

Enjoy it

With the constant learning and the unsocial hours, it is imperative that you enjoy working in IT and actually want to learn more about technology. IT can become more of a lifestyle than a job, so is is best to make sure you are happy to fully commit to the role before you apply for jobs.


Plump up your CV with work experience and voluntary work relevant to the industry. This will enable you to gain insight into what a standard day in the role would be like, and learn how professionals handle clients, timekeeping and difficult problems. Having some experience on your CV will make you more appealing to employers, who often don’t want to babysit a new starter over a lot of the smaller aspects of the job.

Keep your CV simple

Having a focused and straightforward CV will make it easier for employers to skim over and get a feel for your experience, and they’re unlikely to care about other jobs that aren’t related to the industry. Focus your CV on the job you are applying for and the skills that employer requires rather than creating a very generalised CV.

Brush up on your interview skills

Once you’ve started getting interview requests, brush up on your skills so you can make a good impression. Research practice questions online and look into the company itself. The more knowledgeable you sound, the better the likelihood of you getting the position.

Make a portfolio

If you have experience in the creation of apps, games, computer software programming or anything similar, create a portfolio to demonstrate your work and use it to impress your potential employer.

Indos Computer Services provide professional, friendly and helpful IT Support to businesses in the areas of St. Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead. We’ve been operating for over 24 years, and in that time have established ourselves as a reliable and knowledgeable company. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our customer care, ensuring that all of our clients can access our services as and when required. Get in contact today for more information, we’ll be happy to help.

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